Friday, February 22, 2013

OPI Pamplona Purple Swatch

Hello Everyone!

The weekend is again upon us! My week ended on a very high note. I mean dog whistle high! So high you can't even hear it. I just got the approval to start conducting interviews for my thesis research! 万歳(banzai/hooray)!!!!! Some benevolent spirit must know my birthday is coming soon. I've never been so ready for Monday to get here! Speaking of birthdays, I have yet another swatch for my Birthstone Manicure series! I present to you all, OPI Pamplona Purple!!!

with flash
with flash

without flash

without flash
Pamplona Purple is a gorgeous plum purple creme polish! In my opinion, it leans the slightest bit redder in real life. The formula on this was great! The consistency was neither thick nor thin. Pamplona Purple goes on to the nail even from the first coat. I needed just two coats to reach perfect opacity, no bald spots! The shine was amazing even before I put on my top coat. This is a great color to add to any collection!

Hope you all enjoyed the post! I hope you're also enjoying all this purple!
So tell me what you think! Is Pamplona Purple something you'd
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