Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nail Tips: How to Make Manicure Last Longer

Hi, Everyone!!! I haven't swatched or posted in a while. I've been veerrrry busy lately. Especially with one of my favorite cousins down to visit :). Emphasis on very lol. Well I didn't swatch anything but I figure I could give a nail tip at the very least. I'll be back with more soon.

On to the tip. One thing I've always hated was having a manicure last just one or two days. I hated it even more when I used to go to the nail salons to get my manicures. Well this tip is nice and sweet. Cap the free ends of your nails!!! What that means is, make sure to bring the nail polish to the very tips of your nails. Many people cap their nails with each coat. I find this looks better especially when using a very dark color. But I normally make sure to just cap my nails with my topcoat. I do it by swiping the topcoat across the very tip of my nails (and a tiny bit under them if I'm wearing my nails long) then doing the topcoat down my actual nail. That way it looks even. I normally do my nails once a week. I get realllly easily bored wearing the same color for too long. Using this method I normally never have to touch up my nails the rest of the week. Which is great since I normally never have the time smh.

Now share. What do you do to stretch your manicure? Well, until next post, じゃまた. ^_^