Friday, December 21, 2012

CoverGirl Golden Opportunity Swatch

Hello Everyone!!!

I've had a bit of an absence you could say, especially with life in general and the end of the semester coming full throttle ::大学院生の生活/life of a graduate student:: BUT I'm happy to be back and enjoying my short, but welcome, winter break! So far my R&R has included watching old Disney movies with the family. Oh the childhood nostalgia *tear*! Today I have a swatch of yet another Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss from CoverGirl! I present to you, Golden Opportunity!

with flash

with flash
Golden Opportunity is a very nice gold foil with high shine! The formula leaned a little on the thick side but was very easy to work with. I got great coverage with the first coat but perfect opacity was reached with 2 coats. Though it's not the most unique color, I still loved it.

without flash

without flash

I think CoverGirl did as great a job with Golden Opportunity as they did with Black Diamond. If you don't have anything like it in your collection and want something of good quality that is inexpensive, I would recommend it. It's also a perfect color for the holidays!

Hope you all enjoyed the post! What's your opinion of Golden Opportunity?
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  1. Welcome back! Pretty gold. I thought about picking it up today while in Walgreens but I did get Forever Festive a gorgeous jewel tone red. :)

    1. Thank you, glad to be back! ^_^ ooooo Forever Festive sounds nice! Do you have a swatch of it on your blog?