Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoya New York Fashion Week Trio

Hi All!
Today I have swatches for one of the Zoya 2012 New York Fashion Week trio sampler packs! There is actually a story behind this purchase. I was randomly watching Good Morning America on ABC when this segment called "Deals and Steals" came on. I wasn't really paying much attention until I heard "Zoya trio sampler for 50% off. Free Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover with purchase Limited time offer". I was on my computer within seconds!!! There were 3 different trio samplers to choose from, including "Diva", "Designer" and "Gloss." I chose "Designer" which came with the colors Natty, Evvie, and Noot. Little known fact...this was my first time trying Zoya...I was not disappointed. 

Here's the little package they came in. I couldn't wait to try them on!!!

Natty is deep blue with a creme finish. This color actually looks darker in person. I loved the formula, not too watery, not too thick. Here I have 2 coats.

Evvie is a hard color to describe lol. I would say that its a mix of grey, teal, and a hint of green. This one also had a creme finish. Another 2 coater.

Noot had to be my favorite one in the pack! This color, when you put the nail polish bottles side to side, looks like Evvie with a lot more dark grey and the slightest tinge of green. Again a creme finish and 2 coats.

I think Zoya hit it out of the park! I reached perfect opacity with just 2 coats for each of these polishes. I loved the consistency of the formula in each bottle. All of these colors are perfect for fall. I will definitely be buying more Zoya in the future. 

Enough about my experience! How are you guys liking the Zoya NYFW Collection? Comment and let me know! 'Til next time, peace!!! (^ _ ^) V 

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