Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Have We Been Duped? OPI Unfor-Greta-bly Blue vs. Essie Aruba Blue


Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday morning! It's raining like crazy where I live AND I have to go out in it. Can't say I'm too happy about that lol. Well, anyways if anyone out there is like me, you absolutely do not want dupes in your nail polish stash. So I wanted to do a comparison of Essie Aruba Blue and OPI's Unfor-Greta-bly Blue.
I have to say, I was really hesitant about buying Unfor-Greta-bly Blue because I thought it would be a complete dupe. But I find that Unfor-Greta-bly Blue when compared to Aruba Blue has a slight hint of teal to it that's made even more apparent when the two colors are placed side by side. So no need to worry we haven't been duped :). I think its ok to have both colors in your collection.

Do you all know of any dupes for either one of these colors? Comment and let me know! 'til next time ;)

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