Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nail Tips: How to Keep Cuticles Moisturized

When thinking about nail care, the importance of the cuticle is often neglected. However, the amount of attention given to caring for your cuticles can mean the difference between healthy, strong, beautiful nails and constantly peeling, hangnail prone, easily cracked nails that do not seem to grow. So my tip for today is to keep those hands and cuticles moisturized. This is actually not as annoying a task as it may seem and can easily be incorporated into your everyday life. For example, after washing your hands, which can be really drying to the cuticles and hands, try rubbing on your favorite lotion or hand cream. Be sure to give your cuticles some attention by taking the time to massage each finger as well. Plus you don't have to stand around and take your time to do this. You can keep your cuticles moisturized on the go.

I would also recommend having a salve like Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme or the True Blue Spa Cuticle Treatment from Bath and Body Works handy. Bath and Body Works also sells an all purpose Rose Salve which is amazing. Keep that in your purse and your lips, ashy elbows, cuticles, whatever are covered for the day, I kid you not :).  By applying a cuticle treatment or lotion to the hands and cuticles after washing, moisture is locked in. I know from my own experience that this works. Since incorporating these practices my nails are much stronger, and I have much less trouble growing my nails.

Are there any techniques you all use to keep your cuticles moisturized? 
If anything, try this out and let me know if you're getting results! Until next post, hasta luego! ^_^

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